Published on 27/08/2019

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

Python has a pretty special role for us in our company. It’s a foundational technology. Firstly, because it’s the language that our ERP system is written in and that system is the central coordinating system for all the logistics, quality monitoring and financial control of our company. We’re a large successful business and optimisations at that level have potentially enormous gains.

But, more importantly, we’re embarking on a transformation of our business to put it on a firm data science foundation. Traditional consumer electronics retail in the form of physical stores has reached some evolutionary end-point, with the future for retailing being increasing through online channels. But, if you’re going to compete in that space (our competitors are Amazon, Alibaba and local companies like bol.com and Coolblue), then your customer marketing, engagement and personalisation is where you’re going to need to build those online channels that deliver attractive offers at exactly the right moment. It’s takes a lot of data science to do that well.

On the operational side too, data science applied to ultra-large datasets like we have is where you can make some enormous gains in terms of continuous improvement in your logistics, stock management and financial control. There are some big bucks to be made there if you can bring great data insights and business intelligence to bear on your business.

Python is the language of advanced data science and analytics and it’s where most of the innovation in that field is occurring, which places Python in a central position in our company, even more so as we undertake this transformation.

That makes this role, the Head of Python Development, all the more critical to us. It’s a role that will have massive impact on our business in setting the direction of the ERP re-architecture, driving the underlying data architecture and leading data science innovation.

We see these types of leadership roles in a really straightforward way. To be great at this role, you really just need these two skills:

  • Being a super awesome Python developer. You’ll be leading from the front and you’ll need to be the strongest dev on a team of exceptional Python architect developers.
  • Being a leader who others want to follow. You should be committed to hiring people smarter than you are; supporting, mentoring and guiding your team; setting a high quality standard; and creating an environment where every member of your team can reach their full creative potential.

As a leadership role, a fit on values is key to us. We’re a values-led team and it is just as important to bring in senior leaders who set the highest standard, not only for technical excellence, but also for personal integrity.

We’re committed to continuous growth and creating opportunities for the best people to explore what they are capable of achieving when surrounded by others at their level and given hard problems to solve and the freedom to choose the best tools and ways of working.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk about your leadership ups and downs, the lessons you’ve learned and, knowing a bit more about us, where you might see this particular role taking us as a company and you as a technology leader.

Are you an engineer who’s a cloud native with the courage to take on a greenfield project where anything is possible? Do you like designing and implementing scalable cloud platforms?