Published on 27/08/2019

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

We’re a market leader in our sector and have won the Website of the Year award ten years in a row, making us one of the country's most popular online brands with a large and loyal customer base.

We’re an e-commerce company specialising in premium brands and we’re currently embarking on a front-to-back transformation of our technology systems in order to bring our customers the next generation of web and mobile experiences.

The Tech team is an internal incubator mandated to create innovative new products and applications with a data science-drive emphasis and with a focus on mobile tech.

We’re replacing the entire tech stack. We’re already racing along dismantling our PHP backend and replacing with with microservices written in Kotlin. On the frontend, the web is moving to React.

We’re building a new in-house mobile dev team. We’re looking for Flutter mobile devs to establish that team and make all the important decisions about architecture, CI/CD, testing and deployments, design and features.

It’s an open-ended role that will best suit developers who prefer greenfield projects with blue skies, where anything is possible, rather than those who like to work to a specification.

We’re looking for mobile developers to:

  • Select the mobile dev tool-stack that will power us for the next five years
  • Lay down best practices that embed UX/UI experimentation in our practices and culture
  • Define the culture of the team and its standards of excellence
  • Fully embrace this unusual opportunity to create something exceptional from first principles

We’re looking to build a high-performance and highly-productive mobile development team, hence our interest in Flutter and what may be the successor to the enormous success of React Native in that space.

Flutter hasn’t been around for a long time so we’re not looking for years of experience but, rather, someone who has explored this tech themselves and can show that they are the one to lead us in that direction. We’re looking for someone who has optimised their development environment and can show us what they are capable of.

Our ethos is to build teams of developers who are at the top of their game, who want to share their ideas and fight passionately for the best possible engineering outcomes. We’ve got a small high-performing team on the backend, web and infrastructure and we want to create a new mobile dev team that shares our values and love of excellence.

We’re looking for technologists with strong opinions who aren’t hesitant in arguing for what they think is right. When it comes to architectural questions, there might not always be one right answer, but there are definitely lots of wrong ones. So come join the team and together we’ll steer ourselves towards the best tools, the most productive environment and a satisfying way of engaging with the business to meet their needs.

We’re an internal startup laboratory, so trialling lots of ideas is an intrinsic part of our DNA. It would be great if you have experience with TDD, CI/CD, A/B testing and design-led innovation. We don’t know the right answers or the best designs yet. We will discover what maximises sales conversions and user-retention and click-through rates through iterative design cycles; so a curious and open mind is essential.

We are an incubator committed to doing things to a high quality standard, using modern and productive tooling and creating exceptional products. We are the innovation design lab for one of Europe’s market-leading multibillion euro companies. We’re well-funded and we’re embarking on a greenfield reinvention of our platform around the next generation of data science-powered technologies driving exquisitely beautiful web and mobile interfaces. We are disruptors and if you can envisage what the next step in web innovation looks like, come share your vision with us.

Are you an engineer who’s a cloud native with the courage to take on a greenfield project where anything is possible? Do you like designing and implementing scalable cloud platforms?