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Who are we?

We’re an internal startup, a bubble of startup energy within a larger business, disrupting from the inside. We began as a startup a decade ago, grew rapidly, scaled up and became huge ourselves. Now we will return to our disruptive roots to reinvent ourselves for a new generation.

To do that, you need a lot of creative talent and the best tools. We’re going Google Cloud Platform for the win (no EC2s for us). For performance, security and scalability we’re using the JVM and with Kotlin for all its FP power and beauty. The data architecture is immutable by design (aka append-only or event sourcing). And the backend is a microservice architecture in an Istio service mesh. We have vast quantities of data for our advanced Python-based ML/AI analytics to consume.

But all of that is the how and invisible to our users. The reason why we’re investing in a green fields re-invention of our platform from the ground up is so that we can build integrated mobile apps that our customers are going to 💚. We already have a service they love and now we want to deliver stunningly beautiful apps powered by targeted, personalised content that delights and thrills them.

We started our journey building a large and loyal customer base who love our product. Innovating and delivering on all kinds of ingenious ideas is in our DNA. Now we are doing it again. This time, we have the backing of a multibillion euro, Europe-wide business and no limitations on what we can imagine or create.


"Our goal is to build an advanced data science backend to invisibly power a mobile frontend of exquisite beauty"

Published on 14/06/2019

Digital Designer Intern

We’re a market leader in our sector and have won the Website of the Year award ten years in a row, making us one of the country's most popular online brands with a large and loyal customer base.

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We deliver our online offerings with beautiful imagery, targeted messaging and creative use of our digital assets. Good design is personal; and we’re looking for someone who will bring their unique personal creative outlook.
Published on 27/05/2019

Head of Cloud / VP of Engineering

We’re migrating to being a fully cloud-based Technology team and company. We’re replacing our systems (the current ones were written in PHP an aeon ago on hosted servers) and those legacy systems have reached end of life. They will be replaced with high-performance technology more suited to 2019 (and beyond).

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You will have complete freedom to do the very best engineering that it is possible to do. You can choose your tools. You can set your own quality metrics. You won’t have any budget constraints so long as what you propose is basically sensible.
Published on 18/04/2019

Flutter Mobile Developer

We’re looking for technologists with strong opinions who aren’t hesitant in arguing for what they think is right. When it comes to architectural questions, there might not always be one right answer, but there are definitely lots of wrong ones. So come join the team and together we’ll steer ourselves towards the best tools, the most productive environment and a satisfying way of engaging with the business to meet their needs.

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We will discover what maximises sales conversions and user-retention and click-through rates through iterative design cycles; so a curious and open mind is essential.
Published on 26/03/2019


We zoeken iemand met sterke ideeën en een hoge kwaliteitsstandaard die graag het best mogelijke voorbeeld geeft aan de rest van de organisatie in hoe ze te helpen om een productieve werkomgeving te gebruiken en aan iedereen de applicaties en ondersteuning te bieden die ze nodig hebben om optimaal te functioneren.

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Dit is een autonome rol voor iemand die de leiding wil nemen en een aanvoerder wil zijn voor best practices rond compliance, beveiliging en het gebruik van technologie binnen het bedrijf.
Published on 26/03/2019

Systems Administrator

We’re looking for someone who's disciplined, organised and with a high standard for interpersonal communication. It’s not just about knowing your way around a SYSVOL and the implications of local vs non-local GPOs but also communicating well while providing quality solutions to a team of hard-working people so that they are effective in their roles.

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This is an autonomous role for someone who wants to take charge and be a thought leader for best practices around compliance, security and technology utilisation in the company.
Published on 25/01/2019

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

Are you an engineer who’s a cloud native with the courage to take on a greenfield project where anything is possible? Do you like designing and implementing scalable cloud platforms?

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We’re actively looking for a cloud engineer who will work closely with the developers to educate, lead and demonstrate better ways of working.
Published on 01/11/2018

Python Senior Architect Developer

We’re looking for someone to take the lead in systems architecture and platform evolution. We have two main Python projects, both requiring Python technologists with solid architecture skills in data modelling, inter-service communication, data science / ML and a feel for business modelling and the mapping of core systems to commercial activity.

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You’ll be joining a rapidly growing team in a product innovation lab that is both transforming a large successful business and building a new generation of advanced technology around data analytics.
Published on 01/11/2018

Head of Python Development

Python has a pretty special role for us in our company. It’s a foundational technology. Firstly, because it’s the language that our ERP system is written in and that system is the central coordinating system for all the logistics, quality monitoring and financial control of our company. We’re a large successful business and optimisations at that level have potentially enormous gains.

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We create opportunities for the best people to explore what they are capable of when surrounded by others at their level and given hard problems to solve and the freedom to choose the best tools.
Published on 25/10/2018

Kotlin / Scala Senior Architect Developer

We have a green fields project to completely re-engineer a business from the ground up using the latest technology, best practices and a high-performance team. We’re a startup that experienced rapid and sustained growth, became a huge success and was recently acquired.

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As an incubator lab, we understand that small teams of exceptional individuals can accomplish the kinds of outstanding results that would be out of reach for larger teams.
Published on 24/10/2018

React Architect Developer

We have an emotionally satisfying task ahead—the systematic dismemberment of our existing PHP web system and its replacement with a beautiful and responsive React website. We’re taking the opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the website to bring the best UX/UI experience to our users. There is a world of possibilities open to us.

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We’re looking for technologists with strong opinions who aren’t hesitant in arguing for what they think is right.
Published on 23/10/2018

Senior CICD DevOps Engineer

Come be the engineer who leads us on the journey to best practice CICD engineering! It’s time for us to step up a gear change or two. We’re looking for that thought leader, someone who is a champion for best practice in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and who has an eye for high-performance systems.

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This is a green fields leadership position to show us exactly how this should be done and support a hundred million Euro business to become a billion Euro one.
Published on 22/10/2018

PHP Senior Architect Developer

We’re looking for someone who leads from the front to help us build the foundation that our company will be based upon going forward. We have core systems that are critical to our business that are open-source PHP platforms that have been extensively customised to implement a lot of our business logic. We’re bringing their development in-house and we’re going to wrap them in a Services Oriented Architecture.

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We’re looking for an opinionated hands-on architect developer with strong views on API and interface design, who can bring best practice insights in PHP development and add their own unique perspectives into our team.


We are a strongly values-led team. It's important to us, not just to do outstanding work, but to enjoy doing it and being with people we like.

We're patient and we limit our growth to the rate at which we can find the right people.

We like diverse teams of individuals who bring something unique and special that we would be missing without them. We aren't really hung up on what languages or tools people have used, only that they are in that top few percent of global talent, as a developer, a designer, a devops engineer.

We've found that optimising our environment for developer productivity or for developer happiness amounts to pretty much the same thing. So you can target either one and you'll get the other.

So, what does make developers happy? Our CTO has been building small crack teams of exceptional technologists for years and he believes the very best technologists generally want these three things,

  • To work with smart people who are at their level
  • To work on hard problems with the right tools
  • And to have a no bullshit environment

That's what we provide for our developers. We can't say it's perfect because we're in a state of change, but these are the values that guide us.

We're building a team and environment where we're constantly learning from each other, having the chance to use the latest tools and ideas to build innovative and breathtakingly beautiful new tech. We understand that that starts with exceptional people and creating an environment where they can learn, share, thrive and grow.

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Ideas + creativity

We look globally for the best technologists in the world who will bring their diverse perspectives, ideas and backgrounds into our team and challenge us in our thinking.

Standard of Excellence

You can't impose a quality standard from the outside onto a team because it's an emergent property. The team sets (and polices) its own standards, ensuring that we catch ourselves when we've fallen below our own expectations.

Attract + nurture

It’s our culture that attracts the best people to us. We love technology, doing things right, accomplishing things together that we couldn’t achieve alone and being a place where people can reach their full creative potential.

"We want to be a place where people flourish. All our successess flow from that."